Invoice validation

SutiAP automatically validates every uploaded invoice by verifying invoice details such as invoice number, taxes, discounts, rates, and codes.

Email notifications

Automated email notifications are triggered at various stages throughout the process. This ensures that there are no delays in the process or gaps in communication.

PO and non-PO invoices approval

Po and non-PO invoices slightly differ in their workflow. Using SutiAP, you can define different workflow to accomodate both. The software automatically routes PO and non-PO invoices through the right channels for processing.

Approval hierarchy

SutiAP can be configured to meet your approval workflow needs – vertical, horizontal, single, or multiple. Based on parameters such as invoice amount, vendor, or business vertical, the approval workflow can be routed.

Role-based user access

Access privileges can be assigned to users based on role, function, or hierarchy.